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But to Him who is able to do superabundantly above all that we ask or think, according to the power which operates in us. - Eph 3:20

The Apostle John's Writing

The Epistles

"...According to John's writings, there are 3 main items that the genuine enjoyer of Christ will come to possess - Spirit, Light and Love....." 

John's burden in the epistles was that the saints would enjoy the Christ that he revealed in His gospel.  In his writings, he gave us some indicators that we can use to test the reality of our enjoyment of Christ. At that time, because there was so much confusion, so many teachings, and so many who had gotten themselves into various sorts of "spiritual trouble", John wanted to bring them back onto the healthy path. According to John's writings, there are 3 main items that the genuine enjoyer of Christ will come to possess - Spirit, Light and Love. These are the three items that John used to show what God actually is in His real substance. In that of John 4, he said "God is Spirit!".  In Greek, the word "is" actually isn't there. It should read "God ? Spirit!"  He is the Spirit, and we need to worship and enjoy Him in our spirit.  But spirituality is very subjective. There are many that claim to be in the spirit, and yet somehow something doesn't seem right. So in his epistle, John said that if you are in the spirit, if you really want to know you are abiding in Him and are not just involved with a false spirituality or an empty practice of some kind, you need to know that God is light and God is love.

As the light, He shines on us, particularly on our conscience, so that we are clear about what we are.  We are just sinners.  We need His constant cleansing and forgiveness.  Even John, the experienced apostle, was a sinner who needed this cleansing and forgiveness. If we are really in fellowship with Him, we will have His regulation.  When we do something wrong, or sinful, we will know inside. But we will not be condemned by this knowledge, for we have forgiveness. Not only does He expose our sins, but He shows us that He is the one who forgives us and cleanses us of all unrighteousness with the blood of Jesus His Son.  So if we are living under condemnation, we are not fully in the light.  The light is not for us to live in shame, it is just the shining of what God is. He is the light, and in Him is no darkness.  So if we stay in darkness, we can't fellowship with Him in reality. But if we fellowship with Him, we'll be exposed. And yet with that exposure which comes from the shining of what He is, we will also know forgiveness, so we will not remain in condemnation.

He also said that God is love.  Everyone who is begotten of God and fellowships with Him will believe and know this love, and we will also have this love for one another.   This love covers all sins and casts out all fear.  If we really have the fellowship with the spirit, and know what we are thru His shining, and experience the forgiveness and cleansing in His blood, we will increasingly know His love and we will enjoy this love among the saints. If we hate the saints, it is an indication that we are walking in darkness and need a turn.

This was how John made the word of life, which is profound and mysterious, so practical for us.  Do you want to know if you really abide in Him, have a genuine spiritual life, or your fellowship is really genuine?  Check your conscience and your love? These are not commandments for us to follow;  these are just the results of being with God as He really is.  Because of what He is, this is what you will be as you dwell in Him. You might be tempted to hate a brother, but you will have the sense inside that this is not right.  Yet you will not condemn yourself for it, but you will know that you are forgiven; and because you are forgiven, you will forgive the brother and you will even find a love for him. This is not a practice, or a procedure, or something to strive for, just seek to know the Lord.  He gives the spirit without measure, and there is no requirement for this spirit other than what He has already done, just ask Him for the Spirit. When you are in sin, or distant, or cold, just ask the lord to give you the Spirit.  He will forgive your sins and will cleanse you and restore you in this fellowship, where you will enjoy everything He is, and we will have fellowship with one another.

John actually made everything so simple and took out all the complication from the different teachings. John essentially said: "Here is the Word of Life. He is the answer to our problems.  Just enjoy what He is, learn to handle Him, desire to see Him, seek and pursue Him, and you will have everything you need. He reveals God, and everything came into being through Him, and the meaning of your life is in Him. Everything you encounter is for you, from Him, for His purpose and plan to be fulfilled. He is the mystical tabernacle of God, but He has become the flesh and is tangible, and real, and available to simple people. Just touch this human being and you will have God Himself and everything He wants you to experience. He is the Lamb of God who has taken away all your sins and has qualified you to experience and know God. There is no reason for you not to have the spirit now, for you are forgiven and qualified. You are a son of God in Him.  Furthermore, He is in resurrection and has entered into you. He has become the heavenly ladder and has lifted you into the heavens and also made your earthly life heavenly. And the manifestation of this heavenly earthly life is just the fellowship with the saints in the light and in love.  This is His testimony.

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