The Church in St. Louis

But to Him who is able to do superabundantly above all that we ask or think, according to the power which operates in us. - Eph 3:20

A Good Ecology to Pursue the Lord

 "...Because of the open atmosphere in the home meeting, our hearts are comforted and knit together in love...." 

My wife and I really enjoy our home meeting.  Every week the Lord has faithfully brought us together into a very positive atmosphere where we can open up to the Lord and to one another and receive genuine comfort and a fresh supply of Life.  Even though we are all of very different ages and cultural backgrounds, the Lord has made us one in Him, and I appreciate that everyone in our home meeting diligently keeps that oneness. Because He's given us a heart to just enjoy Him, it's been easy open up to one another and give ourselves to one another in a genuine way without any reservations. As a result, we've received a lot of help from each other and from the Lord. 


In Colossians, Paul prayed "that their hearts might be comforted, they being knit together in love, unto all the riches of the full assurance of understanding, unto the full knowledge of the Mystery of God, Christ." (Col 2:2)  When our hearts are comforted and knit together in love with the other believers, there is a good "ecology" to pursue the Lord and know Him together in a richer way than we ever could as individuals. This has been our experience together. Because of the open atmosphere in the home meeting, our hearts are comforted and knit together in love. The result has been that whenever we open ourselves to the Word, light has come, along with a solid assurance that everything we see can become our reality. We've seen and enjoyed a lot of wonderful aspects of Christ together. 


I believe that our hearts have become good soil for the Lord to plant His word in, and I can see the transformation happening in myself and in the others.  I look forward to more enjoyment of Him as we continue fellowshipping together.