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But to Him who is able to do superabundantly above all that we ask or think, according to the power which operates in us. - Eph 3:20

The Old Story


This story concerns the earliest ages of the earth and the origins of man.  This is an important story because it shows who we came to be and why we are the way we are.  In the first part of the Bible there is what is commonly referred to as the “creation”, where God creates the earth.  In fact, it is actually a story of the restoration, the recovery of the earth. 


Before this recovery, the earth was laid to waste and was covered by water, and the earth was shrouded in darkness.  The desolate condition of the earth was the result of the rebellion of God’s adversary.  In God’s recovery, he made the sky and dry land appear and repopulated the earth with new vegetation and animals.  In God’s final act of the recovery of the earth he made man. 


God was pleased the new earth, however, his adversary was not defeated.  Taking the form of a reptile, God’s adversary tricked man into eating food forbidden to man by God.  As a result of eating the forbidden food, man was changed.  He was no longer subject to his own will, but tended toward error.  Something of error operated in him and caused him to kill other men and to fall away from God.  The error increased with each generation such that God caused the earth to be flooded with water again, to purge the error and save the good.  The few men who were left after the flood repopulated the earth, but it soon became obvious that the error had not left man and he continued in his way of living apart from God.


Since the time of the flood, God never gave up on man, but chose to reveal himself to a single group – a peculiar culture located on the eastern shores of the Mediterranean.  Eventually a man was born among this culture, in whom the error was not present.  This man was the son of God and was foretold since the beginning of the earth, one whom would crush the head of God’s adversary.  The son of God was killed by men, but rose from death by the hand of God.  The man's name was Jesus and to those who believe in Him, they receive in themselves a way from God to overcome the error.  Now God is in the process of recovering man just as he recovered the earth.  Keep these words in your heart and go with God.