The Church in St. Louis

But to Him who is able to do superabundantly above all that we ask or think, according to the power which operates in us. - Eph 3:20

Are You Unrighteous?



Are you unrighteous?  Maybe you have
done things that you are not proud of or done things that you know
aren’t right.  Maybe you have only thought about doing things that
are not right and you are ashamed to have such thoughts.  Deep inside
of you, you may have a feeling that you are not righteous before God.
If this is the case, you can rest assured that God knows about your
predicament.  In fact, he has already provided a solution for it. 


The problem within you is called sin.
Sin is within each person from the moment they are born.  It causes
us to think and do things that are improper.  From the beginning of
humanity there has been only one person who was without sin.  This
man’s name was Jesus and He was the Son of God.  He lived a
complete human life on earth and was murdered by humans.  He overcame
death and sin and now reigns in heaven with God.  Only Jesus has the
power to forgive sins.  By accepting Jesus as your Lord and savior,
the power of sin within you is vanquished and you receive a new life
from God.


While he was on earth, Jesus told a
story about a religious man who stood in a crowded square next to
another man.  The religious man yelled at the sky and said “Thank
you God that I am not like this man next to me who is a sinner.”
The man next to him ran home and shut the door and cried to God,
“Lord please help me, I am a poor sinner.”  Jesus said that in
the end it was the sinful man who was justified before God.  If you
have this feeling that you are not acceptable to God, do as the
sinful man in Jesus’s story did. Confess your sins to God and
accept Jesus as the one who can make you right before God.