The Church in St. Louis

But to Him who is able to do superabundantly above all that we ask or think, according to the power which operates in us. - Eph 3:20

He Can Live His Life in You


To the tune of "Arise, my soul, Arise"


Verse 1

When you were born again

A Process was Begun -

Conforming your whole being

To the image of the Son.

When you first believed into Him

The Son with His own Life came in

And now His Life's inside of you


Verse 2

Your spirit has been joined

To the Spirit of the Son

A mingling has occurred -

Two spirits are just one!

All things are just to bring you in

to spirit just to contact Him

So He can live His life through you.


Verse 3

The Spirit of the Son

With all He has obtained -

A fountain in your being

Just waiting to be gained

When you drink of Him you?ll find

His riches are to you as wine

His Life within will comfort you.


Verse 4

While satisfying you

He'll make you all His own

He'll saturate your being

His Love He will make known

As you enjoy this Living drink

He'll do more than you'd ever think

For now He's taking hold of you.


Verse 5

By Another Life

You're being taught to live

God for this very purpose

Each circumstance does give

In each and every trial you learn

To make another inward turn

That's how His life can grow in you.


Verse 6

So Don't fear the fiery trial

He designed it just for you

He?s purchased you with blood

He?ll surely bring you through

And when He does all will admire

The Son who was revealed through fire

Now Forming Himself within you.


Verse 7

In this you're not alone

He's making many Sons

You have so many brothers

Conforming to this One.

So never think that you?re unique

There's others feeling just as weak

But in us all He?s been increased.


Verse 8

He's given us the Church

To be a family

To bear each other's burdens

And to intercede

When we're together touching Him

We all are satisfied within

And He's increased in all of us.


Verse 9

The enjoyment of the Sons

Pursuing corporately

Is the only way 

To bring us into glory.

The joints and bands must Christ apply

Producing such a rich supply

That Life will reign in all of us.